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Reputation Management

We tailor our services to assist companies and individuals in reputation management, privacy, and protecting their appearance, with the highest levels of confidentiality in the

Public Relations

Acknowledging the importance of public relations and its integration with communication services, TREND has strengthened its relationships and partnerships to ensure the delivery of the

Media Center Management

We have an extensive network of relationships making us the most distinguished in the field of media center management. Media Center Management in Events and

Strategic and Communication Plans

Believing in the importance of strategic planning, we work on both short-term and long-term strategic plans for our clients’ projects with precision and depth for

Content Creation

We have a wide network of relationships that makes us the most distinguished in the field of managing media centers

Creative Designs

We complete our role by providing all forms and stages of communication services

TrendX Platform

We put our influencing footprint on everything we cover

Campaigns Management

We have a clear and decisive vision that attracts the relevant stakeholders