Don’t challenge your users … WhatsApp as an ideal model!

At a time when the most popular instant messaging application WhatsApp defied the desire of millions around the world, when it announced the sharing of data with Facebook, the ability of users emerged through their violent response to the new policies.

Millions of users have turned to other alternatives to the green app; In order to maintain the confidentiality of their data, even if the goal is to “improve advertisements directed to the public” according to the owner company.

With technology controlling all nerves of life and work, many thought that we had become a palatable morsel in the mouths of those who held the reins, but the lesson that WhatsApp received will not be forgotten by any one in decision-making within the giant companies around the world. Whatever the expected benefits of a decision that will anger users; It will not be as large as the heavy losses expected from the public reaction.

It can be said that the public is the highest principle of “biting my heart and not biting my privacy” and will circulate it to all the tools that serve him in his life in the future, and companies will put the instant messaging giant back from implementing the new policy for a period of 3 months from the date it was scheduled to set up before they apply for such These policies.

WhatsApp may have wanted to contain the crisis, and if it had succeeded in that, but its success came after losing millions, and the coming days will undoubtedly bring many surprises.